“A proposal to end charitable relief on business rates for independent schools risks forcing 6,000 pupils into the state sector, it is claimed. Sam Phipps reports.”
August 2017

“The prospect of fast-tracked Teach First graduates being used to tackle recruitment problems has stirred debate across Scottish education. Sam Phipps explains.”
August 2017

"With evidence of the extent of homophobia in Scotland’s schools and the lack of LGBT education, ministers are being urged to take action."
August 2016

"As an independent report calls for ‘unsustainable’ over-assessment of the new National examinations to be tackled urgently, teachers have again raised fears about workload as examination reform continues. Sam Phipps reports on the deepening row."
August 2014

"A lack of information for parents about the subjects that universities prefer is leading to an ‘accidental cultural bias’ against poorer students, it is claimed. Sam Phipps reports."
January 2016

"In the midst of a decline in foreign language learning in Scotland, some schools are inspiring young people to buck the trend. Sam Phipps finds out how."
June 2013

The Guardian

Colin Curtis obituary


Ethical Corp

People power works’: Indian activists turn up pressure on Unilever

Mars company profile: A taste for sustainability

Fluctuating Oil Prices & Corporate Social Responsibilities



Grimly comic menace

Sunday Times

Escape: Joy ride along the waterside
"Cycle the canal towpaths between Edinburgh and Glasgow and enjoy an adventure in hinterland, writes Sam Phipps."


The age of the page
"Aberdeen University's unique Centre for the Novel opens on Thursday. Sam Phipps discovers how the novel has grown into our culture's dominant literary art form."

For auld lang syne, my dears
"A new children's book range shows it's okay to speak Scots, as Sam Phipps discovers."

Four characters illustrate how to deal with Northern Ireland's past

Reasoned campaigner

A living history lesson
"Sam Phipps meets the forgotten Highlander who ensures children remember the past."


The Scotsman

Could this man's energy plans halt the meltdown? 
"David King, the controversial former chief scientific adviser, is still making waves with his support for nuclear power as an answer to slowing climate change, writes Sam Phipps."

Do not disturb: Bonnie Campers campervans
"BONNIE and Clyde are a pair of retro charmers holed up in Edinburgh. Like their legendary namesakes, or at least the Faye Dunaway/Warren Beattie screen versions, they ooze style and character and are sometimes a touch hard to handle."


The Red Bus

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